When Kitrinka Hodge noticed a pale liquid on her dog’s bedding, she thought it might be vomit or even feces. The liquid was also on Nikki’s rear end. However, after Kitrinka gave her 11-year-old dog a bath, the pus-like substance was still there.

Kitrinka felt her anxiety rise. She said a prayer and took Nikki to the vet. The doctor diagnosed the Pomeranian/Pekingese mix with pyometra, an infection of the uterus, which required that Nikki immediately be spayed to eliminate the infection. Nikki’s surgery and veterinary care were estimated at over $1,000, which was beyond Kitrinka’s means. The vet recommended that she contact VET Fund.

Your generous support of VET Fund helped Nikki get the expensive veterinary care she needed to cure her illness. After the hour-long surgery, Kitrinka was able to take Nikki home and began giving her pain meds and antibiotics as well as feeding her a special diet. She also had to keep her recovering pup from jumping or licking her incision.

Keeping Nikki calm wasn’t difficult considering the dog’s temperament. “She is a really sweet girl,” says Kitrinka. “She did an excellent job coping. She was comfy and not stressed at all.”

Six weeks later, Nikki is doing well and celebrated her 12th birthday on November 5th. Forever grateful to Dr. Mason and the supporters of VET Fund, Kitrinka declares “You will always hold a special place in our hearts.”