This pretty kitty is Vinnie!  Vinnie has an obstruction of his urinary tract, and without surgery and intensive care he won’t survive.  His mama just started working at a veterinary clinic, but she can’t afford his expensive procedure and aftercare.  Donate today to help Vinnie make it safely home!



This cutie pie is Mallard!  Mallard is no ordinary duck. She lives in the house and even sleeps in bed with her owner, and is a very loving pet.  Mallard had an egg rupture in her abdomen, and she needs surgery to remove it before it causes a severe infection or worse.  Donate today to help Mallard make it home to her mama!




This poor kid is Beko!  Beko has a large stone in his bladder making it difficult for him to urinate.  The stone needs to be removed ASAP, but his owners can’t afford the expensive procedure.  Donate today to help Beko get back home to the family that loves him!