This little guy is Chico! Poor Chico is an awfully unlucky critter. He has what’s called a perineal hernia.  Basically his bladder and colon are no longer in his abdomen and are underneath the skin around his tail.  This is a dangerous situation for him, because any organs within the hernia can become pinched off and lose bloodflow, and they are more susceptible to injury without the protection of the abdomen.  Chico needs surgery ASAP to repair his hernia before any more damage is done.  He is the light of his mama’s life, but she can’t afford the costly repair.  Donate today to help Chico get through surgery and back home to his family!



This is Mojo!  Mojo is “egg bound”.  Iguanas make eggs which have to be hatched whether they are fertilized or not.  Mojo has eggs that she hasn’t been able to pass that are now stuck and making her feel very ill.  She needs surgery to remove the eggs, but her mom has been out of work and can’t afford the procedure.  Donate today to help Mojo!




Everyone meet Sox!  Sox has a super active lifestyle. She has a 7 year old human and a 12 week old pup to run around with all the time.  Unfortunately, Sox isn’t doing much running since she tore her ACL.  Her mom is on Social Security Disability and can’t afford the $3,000 surgery to fix Sox’s knee!  Donate today to help Sox get back in the game!