In Loving Memory of the Friends We Have Lost

Velvet was a 3 year old Great Dane who had a rough start.  Due to irresponsible breeding practices, she was born both blind and deaf.  In spite of her disabilities, she found a wonderful family who worked with her to overcome them, and filled her world with love.  When Velvet became very ill with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, her family spent $10,000 trying to make her better.  With the help of the VET Fund family they were able to get an extra 2 months with her before her illness became too much and she passed away in her sleep.


Boss was an 8 year old pit bull who suddenly got very sick.  He was vomiting constantly, and his veterinarians decided that he needed emergency surgery to determine the cause. Sure enough, Boss had dug a corn cob out of the trash and swallowed it, causing an obstruction in his intestines.  The corn cob was successfully removed, but the stress on his body was too much and Boss passed away later that evening.


Little baby Groot was only 3 months old when he began having terrible seizures and difficulty breathing.  After dozens of tests and treatment, his seizures continued to get worse. At only 4 months old, Groot couldn’t fight his illness anymore and said goodbye to this world with his parents by his side.




Mama cat and her kittens were brought in to the veterinarian barely alive.  They fought so hard, but despite everyone’s best efforts they were too far gone to pull through.  They all crossed the rainbow bridge together, but their memories will stay with us all.




Ozwald was brought to Winterfield Veterinary Clinic after he was poisoned in his own backyard.  The poison caused his kidneys to fail. The veterinarians and staff fought for several days to bring him back, but his little organs just couldn’t handle the blow. 




Ethan was brought to White Oak Animal Hospital where he was diagnosed with a severe hernia.  While awaiting his surgery, Ethan passed quietly in his sleep, surrounded by his siblings.  He will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.