This pretty kitty is Onyx.  Onyx’s mom noticed him acting strangely one day, and when she took him to the vet he was diagnosed with Fever of Unknown Origin.  Basically, Onyx was super sick with an extremely high fever, and no one knew why!  He stayed in the hospital for several days with numerous tests, all of which racked up quite the bill.  Luckily, VET Fund was able to help, and with the help of our friends at Dogwood Emergency and Specialty Center, Onyx is now back to his playful self.




This sweet old lady is Sky.  Sky has been a huge part of her family for the last 9 years, and when she became extremely ill her family had no idea where to turn.  Luckily our friends at Fairfield Veterinary Hospital gave us a call and we were able to help Sky return safely home to the family that loves her.



What a face!  This adorable kid is Ronin!  Poor Ronin ran away from home, and when he came back he had multiple injuries, including a broken hip.  His bill was over $5,000 by the time all was said and done, and luckily VET Fund was able to step in and take some of the burden off of Ronin’s family.




This sweet girl is Disney! She had a nasty infection of her uterus that her family couldn’t afford to fix.  Thanks to your donations and the kind folks at Fairfield Veterinary Hospital, Disney received the life-saving care that she needed!



This little cutie is Prince!  Prince had severe vomiting and diarrhea for days and wouldn’t eat.  He lost more than a pound in 3 days, which is a lot when you’re only 7 lbs to start with!  His doctors were concerned that he may have eaten something and needed to perform exploratory surgery which his mama couldn’t afford. Luckily for Prince, VET Fund was able to step in to help pay for the surgery, and the doctors found severe pancreatitis!  Prince is on medications now and should be back on his feet in no time!



This sweet kid is Billy! Billy found out in January that he had some severe problems with his gallbladder. His doctors tried to manage him with medications and frequent rechecks, but his condition just kept getting worse. Finally the doctors suggested removing the gallbladder altogether to keep it from causing further problems.  Billy’s owner is in graduate school and couldn’t afford the surgery alone, so VET Fund stepped in to help get him through the surgery and on the road to recovery!




This adventurous guy is Luke!  Luke was a bit too excited about one of his favorite toys.  He ate the toy and it became lodged in his intestines.  He had to be hospitalized overnight and then needed emergency surgery which his family couldn’t afford.  Luckily VET Fund and our friends at Helping Hands were able to step in and Luke will be back on his next adventure in no time!




This sweet little guy is Prince Kai!  He was diagnosed with a dangerous hernia that needed to be repaired.  His owner couldn’t quite come up with the $3,000 needed for his surgery, so VET Fund stepped in and helped him get the surgery he needed.  Thanks so much to the wonderful surgeons and staff at Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center who made it all possible!



Everyone meet Peppercorn!  At only 4 months old he has already become the light of his family’s life, and a constant companion for his 5 human siblings with autism.  One evening Peppercorn decided to take a nap underneath the family van, and was accidentally run over! Luckily his bones were ok but he suffered internal bleeding which required urgent care.  Thanks to your generous donations and the help of our friends at Animal Medical Center, Peppercorn is on the road to a full recovery and back to playing with his siblings!



This is Titus!  Poor Titus got out of his yard one night and was hit by a car! Surgery to repair his injuries cost his family over $6,000, and with three young girls at home it was more than they could handle.  Thanks to your generous donations and the help of our friends at Dogwood Emergency and Specialty Center, Titus is home safe and cuddling with his sisters again!


Poor Haylee looks so sad!  That’s because she had a terrible infection of her uterus called a pyometra.  But thanks to your help and the help of our good friends over at Helping Hands, she was able to get the care that she needed and return safely home.



Teddy Ruxpit is all smiles now that he doesn’t have heartworms anymore!  His mom has substantial medical bills of her own and 3 human mouths to feed, but thanks to the generosity of our donors and the help of the staff at Locke Taylor, we were able to treat Teddy’s heartworms and get him back to playing with his family.



Talk about double trouble! Ellie and Maisy had only been in their new home for 3 days when they were first diagnosed with Parvovirus!  Parvo is a life-threatening condition, and the girls had to be hospitalized for several nights on IV fluids and antibiotics.  Thanks to the caring veterinarians and staff at Animal Medical Center and the help of all of our generous donors, both of these girls were able to pull through and make it safely home!


Say hello to Harmony!  This sweet girl has been her dad’s constant companion since he lost his job recently.  Unfortunately, she developed a life-threatening infection of her uterus, and her dad couldn’t afford the costly surgery to save her.  Thank you so much for your generous donations and to our friends at Helping Hands for getting this baby home safely.


This tiny baby is Jade!  Jade was out on a walk with her sister, when a freak accident with her retractable leash ended up in a broken leg.  Her family couldn’t afford the costly surgery to save her leg, so they reached out to VET Fund.  Thanks to you and the excellent surgeons at VVSA, Jade is recovering will and already trying to run around with her sisters again!



This sweet girl is Iggy! In her 5 short years she has become the light of her family’s life, so when she developed a severe infection of her uterus requiring emergency surgery, her family was devastated at the thought of not being able to afford to save her.  Thanks to all of your donations and our friends at Fairfield Veterinary Hospital, Iggy is now safely back at home with the family who loves her.



This cutie pie is Remi!  Poor Remi took a nasty fall and broke one of his back legs.  His mom is a combat veteran and single mother of two, and could not afford the expensive surgery to save Remi’s leg.  Thanks to your help and the help of our friends at Veterinary Services of Hanover we were able to get Remi back home safely, and mom reports that he is pain free and already trying to run again!



This sweetheart is Bruno!  Bruno was shot in the face by a neighbor and left with a broken jaw, several broken teeth, and severe damage to his muzzle and tongue.  Surgery to correct all of his injuries was over $5,000!  Thanks to your generous donations and the help of our friends at Dogwood Emergency and Specialty Center we were able to get Bruno safely home to the family that loves him!



Meet Pinky! Pinky had a bad break in her leg and needed an amputation to relieve her pain. But her owner, who is a single mom and out on disability, wasn’t able to pay for the expensive procedure. Thanks to VET Fund donors like you, Pinky received the surgery she needed to get back on her feet again.  Mom reports she is doing great on 3 legs and her little sister is very happy to have her best friend back!



This curious critter is Sativa!  This sweet little girl is only 2, and she was diagnosed with a disease that causes holes to develop in her teeth.  All of her teeth were so rotten that she stopped eating, and the only hope for her was to have them all removed.  Her mom, struggling with unemployment, turned to VET Fund for help and we were able to get Sativa’s rotten teeth removed and relieve her pain.



This is Lucky!  Poor guy got his name because he was the only pup out of his whole litter to survive.  Now 2 years later he was attacked by another animal and suffered massive internal trauma that required surgery.  VET Fund was able to pitch in and get Lucky through surgery and home to the family that loves him! Dad reports he’s resting comfortably with his favorite blanket!



Look at that face!  This is Luna May, and when she broke her leash on a walk and was hit by a car, her parents’ world stopped.  Poor little Luna had broken both of the bones in her forearm, and as 2 recent college graduates they just didn’t have the funds to fix the leg.  Faced with the alternative of amputating it, her parents reached out to VET Fund for help.  Thanks to all of your generous donations we were able to get Luna’s leg fixed and she is already trying to run again!



This sweet little face is Cody!  Poor Cody was hit by a car and sustained multiple fractures to his pelvis.  His family pooled all of the money that they could for his surgery but just couldn’t quite come up with enough.  VET Fund was able to fill that gap and get Cody the care he needed, and now he’s home bouncing around like it never happened!



Everyone meet Ty!  Ty suffered a terrible back injury which left him paralyzed in his hind end. At only 7 years old, he still had a lot of life in him, and his family wasn’t ready to give up without a fight.  They got him through thousands of dollars worth of surgery, which helped, but wasn’t enough to get him walking again.  With VET Fund’s help he has been getting the rehabilitation he needs and is getting stronger by the day!