Meet Pinky! Pinky had a bad break in her leg and needed an amputation to relieve her pain. But her owner, who is a single mom and out on disability, wasn’t able to pay for the expensive procedure. Thanks to VET Fund donors like you, Pinky received the surgery she needed to get back on her feet again.  Mom reports she is doing great on 3 legs and her little sister is very happy to have her best friend back!


This curious critter is Sativa!  This sweet little girl is only 2, and she was diagnosed with a disease that causes holes to develop in her teeth.  All of her teeth were so rotten that she stopped eating, and the only hope for her was to have them all removed.  Her mom, struggling with unemployment, turned to VET Fund for help and we were able to get Sativa’s rotten teeth removed and relieve her pain.



This is Lucky!  Poor guy got his name because he was the only pup out of his whole litter to survive.  Now 2 years later he was attacked by another animal and suffered massive internal trauma that required surgery.  VET Fund was able to pitch in and get Lucky through surgery and home to the family that loves him! Dad reports he’s resting comfortably with his favorite blanket!



Look at that face!  This is Luna May, and when she broke her leash on a walk and was hit by a car, her parents’ world stopped.  Poor little Luna had broken both of the bones in her forearm, and as 2 recent college graduates they just didn’t have the funds to fix the leg.  Faced with the alternative of amputating it, her parents reached out to VET Fund for help.  Thanks to all of your generous donations we were able to get Luna’s leg fixed and she is already trying to run again!



This sweet little face is Cody!  Poor Cody was hit by a car and sustained multiple fractures to his pelvis.  His family pooled all of the money that they could for his surgery but just couldn’t quite come up with enough.  VET Fund was able to fill that gap and get Cody the care he needed, and now he’s home bouncing around like it never happened!



Everyone meet Ty!  Ty suffered a terrible back injury which left him paralyzed in his hind end. At only 7 years old, he still had a lot of life in him, and his family wasn’t ready to give up without a fight.  They got him through thousands of dollars worth of surgery, which helped, but wasn’t enough to get him walking again.  With VET Fund’s help he has been getting the rehabilitation he needs and is getting stronger by the day!



This adorable little critter is Onyx!  He is a 9 month old poodle mix with some very bad luck.  He was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, a degenerative disease of the hip which causes arthritis and severe pain.  Thanks to your support, Onyx was able to have the surgery he needed to relieve his pain and put him on the road to recovery. And his human sister is so glad that he can run and play with her again!



This poor kiddo is Thelema!  She and her brother, Thanos, are emotional support animals for their dad, a retired Marine suffering from PTSD. Recently Thelema was diagnosed with a uterine infection that required emergency surgery and aftercare, to the tune of about $600. Her family lives on social security disability and was denied by Care Credit.  Just when it seemed like there was no hope for Thelema, her parents reached out to us and we were able to cover the majority of her bills to get her home safely.


This crazy critter is Bambina! She’s a spunky 5 month old puppy who got very ill very quickly.  She was diagnosed with Parvovirus, a deadly intestinal infection that requires hospitalization and some heavy duty antibiotics.  Her owner is not only unemployed, but a single mother-to-be.  Thanks to all of the support of the VET Fund community, Bambina is now back home anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new sibling!



This sweet old lady is Nikki. Poor Nikki had a very severe infection of her uterus that required emergency surgery. At the ripe old age of 12 that was no easy task for her, but she pulled through with flying colors and is back home with her family where she belongs!  Thank you VET Fund supporters for contributing $600 toward her care!



This brave man was once named Skunk, and he was the victim of horrible cruelty.  In his own backyard, Skunk was shot by a neighbor and lost a substantial amount of blood.  In spite of her own financial hardships, his breeder found out about the incident and whisked him away to her own veterinarian, taking on all of his medical bills herself.  Thanks to your generous support, VET Fund was able to help her get him into surgery.  His name has now been changed to Chance, and he is being placed in a new, safer, and more loving home.


This itty bitty girl is Gracelyn!  Gracelyn is one unlucky kid who developed both a severe uterine infections and a very severe form of gastroenteritis called HGE. She had to immediately be rushed into surgery to remove the infected uterus, and then required several days of hospitalization for her GI issues.  Her parents are living on disability, but couldn’t stand the thought of losing this little 1 year old without a fight.  VET Fund was able to provide $600 toward her care, and she is now back home safe and sound!


This sweet boy is King!  King had an issue with his intestines several months back which required surgery.  The owners were barely able to pay for the first surgery, so when the same thing happened again and another surgery was required, they just could not come up with the funding on their own.  Luckily, thanks to all of our generous donors, we were able to pitch in and get him the care that he needed. Mom reports that he is doing great at home and running around like nothing ever happened!


Meet Apollo!  This sweet man was vomiting for several weeks, and his owners couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.  When it turned out that Apollo had an obstruction in his intestines that required emergency surgery, they didn’t know where to turn.  Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to send Apollo straight into surgery to remove the obstruction, and he is back home with the family that loves him!



This sweet old man is Tank!  He was hit by a car and sustained severe internal injuries that required 4 different surgeries to correct.  His family did all that they could to help him, but with the bill topping out at over $7,000 they were running out of options.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to donate $600 to them to help bring Tank home!



Say hello to Oliver!  This little guy got into big trouble when he found a nest of ants in his backyard.  He was bitten so many times that it caused a massive infection throughout his body.  He had to be hospitalized for several days with a chest tube to drain the infection from his lungs.  His bill was over $4,000, which was more than his family could handle.  Thanks to all of your generous donations, we were able to get him back to his old self and home with the family that loves him. He just recently finished obedience training, and has become an amazing mascot for VET Fund!


What an ominous name this guy has!  This is Trouble!  Trouble was vomiting for several weeks and not improving with medications.  His family spent all of the money that they could on diagnostics and treatments, but in the end, Trouble needed a surgery that they just could not afford.  But VET Fund saved the day and helped get Trouble home safely to his family!



This is Booboo!  He’s a 5 year old kitty who developed a urinary obstruction that required immediate emergency surgery to the tune of $1,000!  VET Fund was able to step in and provide $600 toward his bill to get him home safely!



This is Konna!  She’s a 1 year old pup who was hit by a car and sustained severe damage to her leg.  The leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated.  VET Fund was able to provide $600 to help Konna get to surgery and get home safely!  Thanks so much to Helping Hands for doing a great job with her surgery!



This is Maggie! He was a 7 month old kitten who had a very severe lung infection that required several days of hospitalization to the tune of more than $6,000! His dad, Zach, is is in recovery from a heroin addiction, and Maggie is the most important thing in the world to him.  Zach sold his car and everything that he could part with in order to afford Maggie’s care.  Thanks to all of your support, we were able to provide $600 toward his care, and several months later this pair is still inseparable!


This is Ellie, a 7 year old Husky who developed a very severe infection of her uterus.  She required immediate emergency surgery to save her life. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Sycamore Veterinary Hospital and to all of our faithful donors we were able to contribute $300 toward her care and get her safely home to her family!



This curious critter is Simbame.  He and his human sister are best friends, but may be a bit too good at sharing.  Simbame ate several of her hair ties, bracelets, and other odds and ends which had to be surgically removed.  Thanks to Locke Taylor Veterinary Clinic and the efforts of all of our loyal supporters, we were able to contribute $600 to Simbame’s surgery and send him safely home to his loving family.



This poor guy is Nightwing.  He was hit and dragged by a car while on a walk with his mom and suffered severe road rash on all 4 feet and most of his body.  With the help of the kind staff at VRCC and all of our donors, we were able to send Nightwing back home to his parents and 5 human siblings!



This sweet little girl is Harley!  She was hit by a car and her right front leg was broken.  Her mom is a full-time student who could not afford to save her leg.  Our wonderful donors helped us to raise $600 to put toward saving Harley’s leg, and she’ll be up and about in no time!




This little lady is Keyna.  She had a severe infection of her uterus that required emergency surgery and hospitalization.  Her family had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford her care.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to donate almost $600 to get her home safely to her family.  They say that she has been doing great!



Oreo wasOreo an 8 month old puppy with a great big problem! He ate his entire dog bowl and had large pieces of plastic stuck in his stomach and intestines.  He required emergency surgery to remove the plastic, but his owners had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford the entire medical bill.  Our small but loyal following pitched in to help pay for Oreo’s care so that he could return home to his family.




Griff is a 1 year old Pit Bull who was hit by a car!  His left front leg was badly broken and required amputation.  Through your generous donations we were able to raise $600 to get him home happy and healthy to his family!