Meet Mickey Mudpie!  Poor Mickey was rescued from the Goochland County Jail a few months ago, and has always had a bit of a limp.  His limp kept getting worse and worse, until finally his veterinarian recommended amputating the leg.  Mickey’s brand new owner couldn’t afford the expensive surgery, but VET Fund was able to help them out.  Mickey is back home and already ready to run!


It’s a good thing she’s cute!  This little bundle of energy is Koozie!  Koozie takes her play time seriously, maybe a little too seriously.  While she was running around she managed to run head first into a wall and break her own jaw!  Koozie is her little human sister’s best friend in the whole world, and her mom would do anything to make sure that the two of them could get back to playing again.  Luckily, VET Fund was able to step in and help get this crazy kid on the road to recovery.


This is Lilly and her great big happy family!  Her family was giving her and their other dog some treats, and it turns out their other dog doesn’t have the best aim.  The other dog accidentally bit Lilly’s eye so badly that it needed to be removed.  With 4 young kids and other bills, the expensive surgery was a blow that the family wasn’t prepared for.  VET Fund was able to step in and help Lilly get the surgery that she needed, and she’s back home with the family that loves her.


pregnant pitbull

This poor mama is Frunchie.  Frunchie’s family was so excited to welcome her new puppies to the world! But when the due date came, something was wrong, and Frunchie couldn’t push the puppies out. She needed an emergency c-section to get them out, which her family just couldn’t afford.  Luckily, VET Fund was able to step in and get Frunchie the care that she needed.


This sweet kid is Elisha!  Elisha was rotten and ate a sock which needed to be removed surgically.  Unfortunately, Elisha’s mom is going through her own battle with cancer and couldn’t afford the expensive procedure.  Thanks to all of your help, Elisha made it through surgery and is back home helping mom through her cancer treatments.

This sweet little guy is Yellow!  Yellow was a feral cat until a loving family saw him wandering outside and hurt pretty badly.  The family took him in and tried everything to get his wounded leg to heal.  Unfortunately, after weeks and weeks of bandage changes and medications, his leg just wasn’t responding to treatment.  Having just acquired this new friend, the family wasn’t ready for the expense of an amputation.  With VET Fund’s help, Yellow made it through surgery and back to his new loving home.

persian cat

This cool cat is Beau!  Beau had a rare condition called Peritoneal-Pericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia.  Basically, a bunch of the stuff that was supposed to be in his belly was hanging out with his heart.  Beau needed surgery to put everything back where it belonged, to the tune of about $6,000.  Thanks to your generous donations and a momma that wouldn’t quit, Beau got his surgery, is recovering well, and is now Facebook famous!


This sweet face is Pato!  Pato has been in quite a bit of trouble lately.  His family almost needed our help back in November after Pato ate the foot of a hard plastic toy.  The toy got stuck in his intestines and had to be removed.  Pato had been doing well since then, but recently started vomiting and acting strangely again. As it turns out, when his body tried to heal from the last surgery, some of the scar tissue ended up cutting off circulation to his spleen.  Thanks to your generous donations and our friends at West End Veterinary Clinic, Pato was able to have surgery to remove his spleen and fix some of his scar tissue.  He is back home with his family and doing well.


This cutie pie is Honey!  Poor Honey developed a severe infection of her uterus that required an emergency spay.  Her dad who is elderly and on disability couldn’t afford the surgery, but thanks to all of our VET Fund supporters, we were able to get her into surgery and back home with dad.  Here she is at her follow up appointment with her new friends from Helping Hands!


This pretty girl is Hazel!  Hazel was rotten and decided to eat some socks!  When they became stuck in her intestines, her family couldn’t afford the expensive surgery to remove them.  Thanks to your generous donations and some help from our friends at West End Veterinary Clinic, Hazel is back home with the family who loves her, and hopefully laying off of the socks!