This is Maggie! She is a 7 month old kitten who had a very severe lung infection that required several days of hospitalization to the tune of more than $6,000! Her dad, Zach, is is in recovery from a heroin addiction, and Maggie is the most important thing in the world to him.  He sold his car and everything that he could part with in order to afford her care.  Thanks to all of your support, we were able to provide $600 toward her care and she is now home safe and sound!



This is Ellie, a 7 year old Husky who developed a very severe infection of her uterus.  She required immediate emergency surgery to save her life. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Sycamore Veterinary Hospital and to all of our faithful donors we were able to contribute $300 toward her care and get her safely home to her family!



This curious critter is Simbame.  He and his human sister are best friends, but may be a bit too good at sharing.  Simbame ate several of her hair ties, bracelets, and other odds and ends which had to be surgically removed.  Thanks to Locke Taylor Veterinary Clinic and the efforts of all of our loyal supporters, we were able to contribute $600 to Simbame’s surgery and send him safely home to his loving family.



This poor guy is Nightwing.  He was hit and dragged by a car while on a walk with his mom and suffered severe road rash on all 4 feet and most of his body.  With the help of the kind staff at VRCC and all of our donors, we were able to send Nightwing back home to his parents and 5 human siblings!



This sweet little girl is Harley!  She was hit by a car and her right front leg was broken.  Her mom is a full-time student who could not afford to save her leg.  Our wonderful donors helped us to raise $600 to put toward saving Harley’s leg, and she’ll be up and about in no time!



keyna This little lady is Keyna.  She had a severe infection of her uterus that required emergency surgery and hospitalization.  Her family had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford her care.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to donate almost $600 to get her home safely to her family.  They say that she has been doing great!



Oreo wasOreo an 8 month old puppy with a great big problem! He ate his entire dog bowl and had large pieces of plastic stuck in his stomach and intestines.  He required emergency surgery to remove the plastic, but his owners had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford the entire medical bill.  Our small but loyal following pitched in to help pay for Oreo’s care so that he could return home to his family.




Griff is a 1 year old Pit Bull who was hit by a car!  His left front leg was badly broken and required amputation.  Through your generous donations we were able to raise $600 to get him home happy and healthy to his family!