VET Fund works very hard to ensure that you know exactly where your money is going when you donate to us.  Our officers and board of directors are strictly volunteers, and many of them donate their services and time in order to keep our overhead costs low.  So your donations go toward the animals in need, and not toward salaries or bonuses. We are also a 501(c)3, so donations are tax deductible too!

Where We Are

VET Fund focuses both its fundraising and treatment efforts on the Central Virginia abdomen radarea.  Local pet owners and veterinarians have the ability to contact us through phone or email to request assistance.  Requests for assistance will be granted based on demonstrated financial need and the animal’s long-term prognosis.

How Owner’s Qualify

Owners may qualify financially in one of three ways 1) If the owner’s annual household income is less than 110% of the federal poverty level.  2) If the pet’s bill exceeds 8% of the annual household income. 3) If the owner is enrolled in a state or federal entitlement program AND was declined by CareCredit, a healthcare financing credit card.  Our current maximum allotment per case is $600, though owners not fitting the above criteria may be eligible for smaller amounts based on their income relative to the patient’s bill.

VET Fund requires owners to pay at least $100 toward the treatment of their animal. If an owner cannot or will not agree to pay $100 toward treatment, the owner will have the option of surrendering the animal to a rescue organization, at which time VET Fund will assist the rescue organization in paying the bill. All payments will be made directly to the veterinary hospital providing the service.


Types of Cases Considered

VET Fund’s goal is to save as many animal’s lives as we can.  Therefore, both the severity of the condition and the long-term prognosis of the animal are major factors on which VET Fund bases its decisions.  VET Fund will not provide funding for routine veterinary care (exams, vaccines, routine labwork), nor will it provide funding for minor injuries or illnesses (skin infections, ear infections, etc). Our ideal candidate is an otherwise healthy animal with an injury or illness that threatens their life or quality of life, but that has a good prognosis with proper care.

Those seeking assistance for animals with terminal illnesses may reach out to Fetch A Cure or the Mosby Foundation for further resources.