Dr. Chelsea Mason- Executive Director

Dr. Mason is a native Virginian, born and raised in Yorktown, VA.  She had a passion for animals from the beginning, and decided at the age of 8 that she would become a veterinarian.  She obtained her B.A. in Biology from the University of Virginia in 2010, and her D.V.M. from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014.  Her medical interests include nutrition, internal medicine, cardiology, and ultrasound. In September of 2019 Dr. Mason achieved her life-long dream of opening her own veterinary practice, West End Veterinary Clinic (www.westend-vet.com)

In the first 2 years of her career, Dr. Mason encountered numerous occasions where owners surrendered or euthanized their pets for treatable conditions like infections and broken bones.  She found these cases to be the hardest part of her job, and it haunted her to know that she could have helped these innocent animals if the owners had just had the ability to pay for their care.  So in March of 2016, she decided that she’d had enough, and VET Fund was born with the goal of preventing the senseless heartbreak that these cases cause.  Day in and day out, she and the team at VET Fund strive to help as many families as they can to bring their sick animals home happy and healthy.



Board of Directors

Chair: Katie Sprouse

Vice Chair: Kim Beck

Treasurer: Rick Laclair


Charles Ajemian

Kelsey Larus

Phil Conein

Maryanne Serignese