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Veterinary Emergency Treatment Fund (VET Fund) is a non-profit/501(c)3 organization founded with the purpose of providing life-saving veterinary care to animals in need.

DSCN1116In 2011, 56% of all households in America owned at least one pet, and decades of research studies have shown a positive impact of pet ownership on both the mental and physical health of owners. However, between the years of 2006-2011, the cost of veterinary care in America rose 14.3 percent, making it increasingly difficult for pet owners to provide their animals with the quality veterinary care that they need.  

For owners facing financial hardships,  beloved pets often end up dying or being euthanized for conditions that could have been successfully treated if the proper funds were available. The purpose of VET Fund is to provide financial support for the treatment of these animals so that they can return safely home to the families that love them.

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